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      Carlos Quiles

      The Reich Lab has published an updated version of their Downloadable genotypes of present-day and ancient DNA data:

      A proper list of relevant details is found in the .anno file.

      It includes most of the recently published samples:

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      Carlos Quiles

      It’s going to be a mess to change all corresponding names for the PCA files, but I’d say this clearly helps us all save time and offers easy access for all.

      Interesting the change in nomenclature to Hungary_LC_EBA_Baden_Yamnaya. I guess we are going to see how this Baden community admixed with the Yamnaya very soon.

      Also interesting are the doubts on the Varna Eneolithic outlier, now Bulgaria_Varna_C_contam:

      QUESTIONABLE_CRITICAL (literature, but data were later found to lack characteristic ancient DNA damage raising the possibility that contamination explains why this individual appears to be an ancestry outlier; a subset of the co-authors of Mathieson et al. 2018 are actively looking into this and will publish corrected information after the issues are fully understood)

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